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Oh, Christmas Tree
This year, Owen really understood

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We trimmed our Fraser fir with fine ornaments.
We draped coloured lights around our front porch and the shrubbery.
We listened to festive music every evening—over and over.
We gave a coat to the homeless man by the coffee shop.
We spent a whole day making cookies, but stuffed ourselves on the dough.
We hosted a carolling party for Ella’s kindergarten class.
We donated a sack of gifts to a local Toy Drive.
We purchased mittens and gloves to adorn the Mitten Tree.
We consumed excessive amounts of turkey and home-made apple pie.
We unwrapped presents and loved every one.
After all, it was that time of year!  
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The witches's night out (and Elvis' too)

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Ghosts and goblins wrapped in sheets.
Nightmarish children fill the streets.
Adults join in the hunt for sweets.
Alas, I must remain at home.
I am alone.
It is Halloween.

Witches and ghastly creatures roamed about—and some pirates and a bee, and some kids without costumes. What's up with that?
   I didn't actually dress up at all. I was manning the candy. Some one had to stay behind and greet the ghouls.
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The Tucker Splash-Down
A most enjoyable Saturday afternoon

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We had a picnic. It was a good picnic with fine food and lovely company, well, relative company.
   The big Tucker reunion of 2006 crash-landed at Cedar Park Resort, on Saturday, July 29.
   A large contingent of the Tucker Clan invaded the park to splash in the water, play cards, throw the Frisbee, or wrestle with the kids. Here are but a few images from the extravaganza.
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   I submit that, in preparation for the next reunion, each family compile an album of photographs from past reunions for display. One could also assemble a collage of snapshots of their family from the year leading up to the 2007 reunion. Think about it.
Big Summer Barbecue
We had a ball at Ryan and Jodi's house

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A midsummer days feast in the wonderfully landscaped backyard of Ryan and Jodi Walsh's superb Oakville home.
   The children frolicked, the barbecue sizzled and the mood was jovial on this perfect afternoon late in July. A healthy portion of the Matthews Clan attended and were treated to an excellent meal that was elegantly prepared and appreciatively savoured.
   One can only hope that these fine folk return once again - and soon - to the art of entertaining with another smashing do.
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