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The Baptism of the wee Babe-o->
Here are the first pictures of my son->
Through his eyes
Owen follows Ella's photographic lead

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First, Ella borrowed the camera to express her view and now Owen's tried his hand—er, eye. He blew off about 50 shots one afternoon. These are a random selection from our photo outing in the Fall.
    Take a gander at the things in our neighbourhod from Owen's viewpoint.
ground level->
The Big Four
Happy Birthday, Owen!

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it's turning into a tradition: Owen's birthday parties are held in Cottagland and that's just the way he likes it! He plans on a northern affair every summer and he wants the same hats, too.
    A small but raucous group collected at The Wiley cabin for wondrous merriment. We had cake and ice cream and brownies and cake and presents and more cake. There was a lot of cake. Owen loved every single one of his gifts and basked in the limelight for the whole afternoon.
getting bigger->
Soccer Premiere
Boyo boots it out there with the big kids

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Owen joined Ella on a new soccer team this season. The Keyplayers made their debut in the Souroran Park league.
   The strapping, 91-centimetre midfielder wearing Clark's old number 17 was in the action from whistle to whistle. There was no stopping "The O" out there!
on the pitch->
Downhill Dart
Yes, they do make skis that size

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Owen picked up skiing like he'd been doing it for years. Now the whole family (except me) all have skis and frequent the Blue Mountain often. Generally, I sit in the chalet and drink beer wait to warm everyone up with hot chocolate. Oh, it's a fun time for all involved. I just can't believe they make skis that small. at the hill->
Call the Fire Brigade
Lending a hand at the Volunteer games

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Sirens wailed as the firefighters donned their gear, a three-alarm emergency had sounded--Old Man Jonson's farm was in trouble. The firefighters did their best, but the brigade was overwhelmed and the reserves were summoned. Owen was near by and answered the call. He jumped into his uniform and manned the hose. The blaze was doused and there was much rejoicing. soak it up->
Owen is three
Birthday celebrations at the cottage

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The wee boyo celebrated his third birthday up at the cottage. Oh, we had party hats and cake—the whole works, I tell you.
    The gifts followed a "natural" theme and were all made of wood.
party time->
Hot hockey hand
Babe-O takes to the stick with ease

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Owen loves the hockey. He loves to play it all day long. He'll even practise on the snow-covered grass.
    He prefers to shoot a puck, but pucks won't slide on a frozen lawn like a hockey ball does. He was using a straight blade going back and forth until he decided to stick with the left. I've since bought him a curved stick and now he can raise his shots quite nicely.
practise time->
Baby Owey turns two
An island celebration for his second birthday

main image D
The weather (mostly) co-operated for our island party. Owen spent his birthday on Toronto's Centre Island.
   Sunny skies turned partly cloudy, but the rain held off until the cake was eaten. There were crafts and watering can fun in Franklin's Garden, then food and gifts and lootbags for all.
   Of course, there were plenty of Hot Wheels to go around. Owen does love his cars!
party on->
I scream for ice cream!
Owen's first visit to the Avondale Dairy

I went there when I was a young lad, and now my son has discovered the fine fare served at the Avondale Dairy Bar.
    Generous scoops of ice cream piled high atop the cone: Moose Tracks for Owen, Bubblegum flavour for Ella. It's ice cream first; swings second as we inhale our treats and race out to the playground.
    Swinging on a full stomach! It was no trouble 25 years ago, but today I'll stick to dishing out the underdogs. yum-yum->
O.K. Haulage
Owen pulls off his first business venture

owen at work
Boy, they grow up fast! My son is less than ten months old and he's already pulling his weight.
    Owen Keyes started a hauling company to pull toys around other children's backyards. You're playing in the hot sun, you want all your toys moved into the shade of that pine tree. But, alas, this heat! You couldn't possibly manage on your own. O.K. Haulage comes to the rescue.
    "Buh, b-b-buh, buh-buh-buh-buh. PBVTHSTHSSS," Owen said in an interview (he is only 10 months old, remember). photos->
Owen has teeth
Now he's chomping at the bit

main image B
This is a random selection of photographs of Baby Owey as I tried to capture those elusive pearly whites. chomp chomp->
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