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Ella's 1st day in JK
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Boot that ball
Ella joined a soccer team this summer

Football, as the entire world calls it—barring Canada and USA, was a boon for Ella this summer. She loved the running and chasing and kicking. She made new friends and played against some old ones
    Ella's team, Brit's Athletics, placed third in the season-ending tournament. She wore number 14—just like dear-old dad did back in the day.
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Ella's 5th Birthday
It was a dolly party with the school girls

Ella invited all the girls from her senior kindergarten class over for an afternoon tea party. Her fifth birthday party was filled with game-playing, song-singing, and oodles of dollies. (It was in fact a Dolly Tea Birthday Party.)
    All the girls brought their favourite dolls and won prizes and goofed around. Owen, the only boy in attendance, joined in the fun and got a lot of attention from Mila, Lily and Sydney.
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Ella's Jamaica
A vacation through the eyes of a four-year-old

She was armed with a Panasonic FZ10 digital camera and her own point of view.
    Young photographer, Ella May, blew off 166 photos on her vacation in Negril, Jamaica. It was her first solo project. She found all the locations; chose all the subjects; took all the shots.
    This impressive collection of images is only the beginning for young Miss May. Her next projects are "Roncesvalles Village" and "Windsor." Check back for showings.
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Tobogganing—at last
It took until the end of February, but Ella was finally able to work the sled

Ella and Eric
It was a snowy Saturday morning when Eric telephoned:
"Ella, it's snowing. Let's go tobogganing."
    The snow actually stayed on the ground long enough for us to dust off the sleds and drag them to the hill.
    Ella and her friend, Eric, ran the slopes all day while Owen fell asleep and missed the whole thing.
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